1 Nov – Training and Assistance

Good evening,

We are so happy to be back to training this year and are able to do more in-person training. With public health measures easing we are in a transition of getting and securing a regular parade space. In years past we would parade out of Wolseley Barracks on Oxford St. Currently cadets are not allow at the Barracks though our chain of command is in active discussions to allow us to secure that space again. It is of benefit to parade there as the offices and supply space are also in the same footprint. Allowing us to easily outfit our cadets and have access to additional space.

We have also kindly been given free space from Victory Legion. Unfortunately, the legion has had to allocate out our regular Monday night space as they are facing a cash crunch due to the pandemic. As such we won’t be able to parade back at the legion until late November or early December.

For this week (1 Nov) we’ll be doing courses that we can teach online like development and leadership courses. If you are new to the unit our online platform is MS Teams and instructions on how to get an accounts can be found here: Cadet Communications and Online Training

Good news is on 6 November, from 08:00 – 16:00 we’ll be doing an urban adventure hike as a unit. We are looking forward to the opportunity to do a larger scale exercise together. For more information please read here: 6 November – Urban Hike One Day FTX

I’d also like to appeal for community help, as we have not been able to fundraise for two years we are limited in options where we can afford to parade. We will be looking into school gyms as those restrictions are easing but any additional spaces or recommendations would also be greatly appreciated as this program does work best with in person training. Please feel free to reach out to 9rcacclondon@gmail.com if you have any recommendations.

Attached are the WROs for this week.

Warmest regards,

Capt Kim McKay

Commanding Officer, 9 RCACC