14 Nov – Biathlon (for those already signed up)

Thank you for registering for the upcoming SWOA Biathlon Competition (Run and Shoot). We are looking forward to seeing everyone out for a fun and exciting day of Biathlon.
This email contains all the joining details required to participate.
Biathlon site info:

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 21
Location: London
Address: Eco Park
16033 Medway Road
Arva, ON  N0M 1C0
Vaccination required?: No

All cadets will need to pass a COVID 19 Screening prior to arriving at the site, by using the Ontario COVID 19 Screening for school. Link is as follows: COVID-19 school screening (ontario.ca).
The Hamilton Site requires vaccination. All staff and cadets will need to show proof of vaccination for that site (2 dose administered at least 14 days prior to the start of the activity).
Cadets are to bring a Non-Medical Mask. You will be required to wear the mask at all times, except when participating in certain portions of the competition.
Cleaning and sanitation equipment will be available for sanitizing equipment and high touch areas between users.
Cadets are only required to arrive at the site for their scheduled relay. It is estimated that they will spend a total of 1.5 hours at the site. Parents/Guardians are able to either wait while the competition is complete, or return to pick them up. Parents will not be permitted in the building, and are asked to stay in their vehicle or in the parking lot.
Assigned relays / times are above
Cadets are expected to arrive at the registration time  for their specific relay (as per the attached – First Column on the Left)
Coaches / Unit escorts are welcomed and will be able to enter the training area. Corps/Sqn do not need to send a coach for this year.
All equipment will be provided, including rifles, if Corps and Sqn are not able to provide coach/escort.
If a Corps/Squadron would like their cadets to use a specific (approved) rifles, a coach/escort officer must transport the rifle. Cadets are not permitted to transport their own rifle.
There will be time for practice / zeroing rifles during the competition.
Meals are not provided for participants. Cadets should have eaten prior to coming to the site. Cadets are encouraged to bring a snack and water bottle.
Meals are provided to staff and support cadets (selected Cadet Officials).
Appropriate sports attire. Most of the competition will be completed outdoors. Cadets should dress for the weather. Training will continue rain, snow or shine.
Cadets are to bring their provincial health card (OHIP).
Cadets with a participation limitation requiring an EPI Pen, must bring one with them.
In order to have readily access to emergency contact information, only cadets who are registered will be able to participate.
All sites are within 30 minutes of a hospital, and as such, cadets with that particular participation limitation are able to participate.