• For new uniforms or uniform parts that need to be exchanged, parents please use the below measuring sheet (bottom of this page) to determine your cadet’s size
  • Email the completed sheet to 9rcacclondon@gmail.com and clearly indicate the cadet’s last and first name and if it is a swap or new uniform in the subject line and body of the email message.
  • Example – Subject: Uniform Swap Cadet Sam Bloggins
  • We will be focusing on the FTUs (field training olive drab uniforms – Work Dress) as a priority to outfit. We will not be swapping parts for the dress uniform at this time.

How to Measure:

  • On the spreadsheet, pay careful attention to the unit of measurement. Some require inches and other items millimeters.
  • Do not modify any tab on the sheet except for the Cadet Measurement tab.
  • Not everything on the issue area will be provided as we are focusing on FTUs (Work Dress) primarily