Selection for Summer Training

Cadet Summer Training Centre (CSTC) Locations


There are 23 Cadet Summer Training Centres (CSTCs) located in various provinces and territories across Canada.

Cadets are selected to attend summer training based on their attendance, behaviour, and other attributes that they had demonstrated throughout the cadet training year. You must have been a Cadet prior to March 31 in order to be considered and apply for summer training.

Summer Training Qualification Badges

If you are selected to participate in summer training you will have the chance to travel to a training centre in your Region.  If you are selected for a specialized course or your Region does not offer a particular program you may have the opportunity to travel to another training centre located even further from your home where you will meet other cadets from all over Canada.

CSTCs offer more in-depth study and experience in the area in which you are selected to participate.  Summer camp, as cadets fondly call it, are located on the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the Rocky Mountains and everywhere in between.  Some summer training centres involve all three elements (Sea, Army and Air Cadets) learning and working together in one location.  It is the chance to meet friends for life during an experience you will never forget!

2 Week Basic Course

Year 1 Courses

General Training

This two-week course is intended for cadets 12-13 years of age who have completed their first year of cadet training. It introduces the cadet to life at a CTC with a focus on the opportunities available through Army Cadet Summer Training. Activities include: a field exercise, team-building, air-rifle range, adventure training, tours, recreational sports, swimming, music training, general knowledge and citizenship.

  1. Prerequisites: Must be medically and physically fit, and have completed Green Star training by 30 Jun.
  2. Training Centres: Blackdown (Borden, ON), or Valcartier QC (French)