Farewell to Major Wilson

Normally, like the ACR, we would have a parade honouring a retiring CO, especially one that has served his country so well. Sadly, we can’t host a parade or a depart with dignity in his honour but I personally would like to thank Major Steve Wilson who stepped up over the 2019 – 2020 training year to act as the CO of #9.

I have only known Major Wilson for a year but over that year he has been an excellent teacher and mentor. He is always encouraging and showed leadership to emulate – to bring along those that report to you rather than dictate and command. There were so many learning opportunities shared and an environment of asking questions and learning the right way to do policies and procedures; we have grown to be better officers and people because of Major Wilson.

Major Wilson put the honour of Canada, the CAF, the CIC, and the unit before himself. He held two positions in the CIC over the past year, area elemental officer (AEA) from the local area office (SWOA) and our acting CO, both very time consuming and demanding jobs by themselves. On top of that he has a civilian job in a hospital working during this pandemic.

Thank you Major Steve Wilson for your service. You will be missed but if anyone deserves a slightly quieter retirement, it is you.

Illuminate Viam Latin (Illuminate the Way)


~ Capt Kim McKay