March Break CAP for First and Second Year Cadets

Pending how the case numbers are in the are, the regional cadets will be offering day time training over March Break – 15 – 19 March. This will be in person training. Note, there is a potential that this activity could be cancelled if the case numbers rise or stay at their current levels.

Type of Training: The type of training for CAP is fun, dynamic and hands on. There is very little to no class room. The type of training also needs to be COVID friendly. Potential activities being planned:

a. Snowshoeing;

b. Cadet Fitness Assessment;

c. Tabloid Sports;

d. Winter Olympics;

e. Orienteering Challenge;

f. Marksmanship Familiarization;

g. Biathlon (Run & Shoot);

h. Team Building activities;

i. Public Speaking; and

j. Talent Show;

If you are a first or second year cadet and you are interested in this activity please email

Senior cadets if you are interested in being a staff cadet please let Capt. McKay know ASAP.