Parade Information

We meet at Beaver Hall, located on the Wolseley Barracks (701 Oxford St East, entrance on Elliott St.) (map) on Monday evenings. Opening parade begins at 1830 hrs (6:30pm) so cadets are requested to arrive at least 15 minutes prior.

Times: Start Finish
Arrival 18:15
Fall-In/Opening 18:30 18:45
Period One 18:50 19:20
Period Two 19:20 19:50
Break 19:50 20:10
Period Three 20:10 20:40
Fall-In/Closing 20:45 21:00
Dismissal Time 21:00

1815 hours  Front door opens, Attendance begins (Do not drop off your cadet before this timing)

1830 hours  Opening Parade, Uniform Inspection, Announcements

1850 hours  First Instructional Period

1920 hours  Second Instructional Period

1950 hours  Break

2010 hours  Third Instructional Period

2045 hours  Closing Parade, Announcements, Duties

2100 hours  Dismissal

2120 hours  Beaver Hall is locked

It is very important that you arrive on time to pick-up your cadet. As per our policy, an adult staff member must wait at Beaver Hall until every cadet has left the Barracks.

Commanding Officer Parades

On the last Monday of every month (please see Training Calendar for dates), the cadets will participate in a Commanding Officer’s Parade (or CO’s Parade, for short). The purpose of these parades are to showcase the hard work that cadets have put into learning and practice of drill. Special presentations, award, and promotions will take place on CO’s Parades. We encourage parents to attend to support the cadets and celebrate their accomplishments. CO’s Parades begin at approximately 1845 hours and we ask that parents be in Beaver Hall prior to that time.

Mandatory Training

Each training level is composed of 90 periods of instruction on various military, leadership, fitness, and citizenship related topics. These periods are scheduled to be covered on Monday parade nights.

There are also seven (7) weekend activities throughout the training year that are mandatory in order to pass a star level and/or qualify for the year end trip.

Fall Field Training Exercise (FTX)

Winter Field Training Exercise (FTX)

Spring Field Training Exercise (FTX)

Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) Parade

Cadets must make an effort to attend all Monday evenings and other mandatory training. Training that is missed must be made up on an alternate date/time in order to allow a cadet to pass their star level or be eligible for promotion. The unit holds three FTXs throughout the training year, and cadets must attend a minimum of 2/3 to pass their star level.

To reward cadets at the end of the year, the unit hosts an end of the year trip. In previous years, the trips have included: Toronto, Algonquin Park Expeditions (Canoeing/Portaging, Trekking), and more to come.  There is little to no cost for cadets to attend the year-end trip, thanks to the hard fundraising work of cadets, staff, and parents. To qualify for the year-end trip, each cadet must:

Participate in all mandatory star level training (minimum of 60%);

Participate in all corps fundraising activities;

Participate in the Legion Poppy Campaign; and

Attend the Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) in May.

Note: some year end trips (like expeditions) may only include specific star levels due to the physical demands of the activity and for personal leadership and skill development.

Training Program

The Army Cadet training program in your community is structured into five different levels. Green Stars being the new recruits and the Master Cadets are the most senior cadets in the corps. If an individual attends the necessary training, and meets the standard to qualify for their star level, they will move on to the next level the following training year.

Army Cadet Rank System