Return to Cadets and Safety Protocols

Please read through this post carefully.


  • Resumption of cadet training will begin on Monday, October 5th at Victory Legion (311 Oakland Ave, London) at 18:30 (6:30 pm). Cadets must be picked up promptly at 21:00 (9:00 pm)
  • The legion has a capacity of 50 people, therefore we will be parading green and silver stars on one week and red and gold stars on the next week. Master cadets will be associated with a level they will be training and will attend on those weeks
  • The order of dress will be FTUs (olive drab field uniforms) unless otherwise specified
  • The weeks where the cadet is not parading in person will be additional online training via Microsoft Teams.
  • In order to sign-up for Microsoft Teams, please email the cadet’s email address, first and last name, and rank to . An account will be created and the cadet will need to log into Microsoft Teams.
  • We will be introducing a lot more outdoor activities into this training year. As with all outdoor training, cadets must dress in weather appropriate clothing.
  • As we plan further and receive the appropriate approvals we will be updating the training calendar.
  • All participants attending in person training, both indoor and outdoor, must have a non-medical mask on, properly worn, at all times. It is recommended that participants keep individual hand sanitizers on them as well.
  • Participants will be turned away if they do not have a non-medical mask (NMM) on them during training.


  • For new uniforms or uniform parts that need to be exchanged, parents please use this measuring sheet to determine your cadet’s size
  • Email the completed sheet to and clearly indicate the cadet’s last and first name and if it is a swap or new uniform in the subject line and body of the email message.
  • We will be focusing on the FTUs (field training olive drab uniforms) as a priority to outfit. We will not be swapping parts for the dress uniform at this time.
  • Once we receive the email, we will put together a package of parts in a clear garbage bag and provide it to the cadet to take home and try on. If a swap, the cadet can return their old uniform parts, also in a garbage bag, ideally clear, with the last and first names clearly labelled on the bag. Depending on the volume of uniform requests and what is available in stock will determine when the uniforms will be handed out.
  • Any clothing being returned will be isolated for a period of a week before returning to general stores.


  • Please advise if there are any updates to the cadets contact information
  • Prior to every in-person training session cadets must complete health assessment and fill out the attendance form. (Form to be rolled out in the next week)