Return to Training – October 2021

While we are waiting for final direction from Cadets Canada for the 2021 – 2022 training year we have the following preliminary plans. These plans may change based on direction from Cadets Canada and our local health unit. Training will not start until October 2021.

New cadet registrations will not start until October 2021. Please see for more information on how to join and the information required for joining.

At this time we will plan on doing uniform swaps / returns on 20 and 27 Sept pending direction for local area cadet office (SWOA)

Uniform returns – please bring in a bag with cadet’s last and first name clearly on the bag

Uniform swaps – prior to swaps please fill out the required informoation and email and a time will be provided to do a uniform swap. Uniform swaps at this time will be FTUs (olive drab uniforms). When taking measurements give careful attention to measure type (inches, mm, cm) they do change for each uniform piece.

At this time we plan on starting training on 4 October – pending health unit and Cadet Canada’s direction

20 Sept – Senior Cadet meeting – online initially – WO and above