Senior Cadets – Summer CAP Staffing


1.     Applications are invited for those senior cadets who wish to offer their services for SCdt positions at a Summer Cadet Activities Program (CAP) session.

2.     Summer CAP will be conducted across Ontario at sites designated by each Area office.  Each Area will have multiple sites to conduct CAP up to a 5-day period per site.

3.     Conduct of the Summer CAP will be in-person day activities, personnel should reside within 1 hour travel from the site, as there will not be a requirement for overnight supervision.

4.     Available positions for the Summer CAP will be assigned by each Area office according to their requirements to conduct CAP at their designated sites.  Employment can be up to 5 weeks in duration and from 12 Jul – 30 Aug.  Dates and locations can be found under Document Library / 16- Employment Opportunities / Summer CAP 2021 – Dates and Locations.


5.      All senior cadets will submit a participation application via FORTRESS.  SCdt Position would be Div/Plt/Flt NCO.  Once selected, cadets will be assigned specific tasks by each Area OPI.

6.      Serials for Summer CAP SCdts have been opened in all Areas.  Serials are found by “Staff Cadet” and are listed by Area and location.  A list of serials and can be found in the SharePoint Library under

 7.     Cadets will have to make their own way to and from their assigned location each day, as there is no transportation available during the Summer CAP and no requirement for overnight supervision. 

8.      Cadets should apply for the serial within their local community.  Cadet may be considered for other locations near their local community, if a requirement exists and cadets can travel to the other location safely.  Other locations would be no more than 30 mins from their local community.

9.      Applications require a positive recommendation and COs Priority ranking from their unit CO prior to submitting their completed application to RCSU in FORTRESS.

10.     Applications must be forwarded to the RCSU in FORTRESS no later than (NLT) close of business (COB) Mon, 10 May 2021.


11.     Applications will be forwarded to each Area OPI for SCdt positions at each of their CAP sites.

12.     Selected SCdt applicants will be initially contacted by the applicable Area OPI regarding their assigned site(s) and position(s).

13.     SCdt applicants will be provided offers of employment through FORTRESS and contacted by J1 Staffing with a staffing package to complete.