WRO 03 October 2022: Commanding Officer’s Parade

What is a Commanding Officers Parade?

The Commanding Officer’s Parade (CO’s Parade) is a monthly inspection of our cadets in their uniform and prepares them for their Annual Parade which occurs at the end of the training year. Cadets stand proudly at attention while our Commanding Officer completes an inspection of each troop. This is the time when our cadets receive promotions, awards and recognition. As well, new recruits are sworn in. At No 9 RCACC we hold our CO’s Parade on the first Monday of each month.

We invite the parents and guardians of their cadets to view this moment of recognition and support of our youth at the beginning of our training night from 6:50 to 7:20 PM.

For this specific CO’s Parade, cadets will be in C-5 dress, for proper dress standards, please refer to our website.

If a cadet has not been issued C-5 dress we ask they ware semi-business wear (white dress shirt, black tie, dress pants and dress shoes.)