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The Royal Canadian Army Cadets (RCAC) is a Canadian national youth program sponsored by the Canadian Armed Forces and the civilian Army Cadet League of Canada. Under the authority of the National Defence Act the program is administered by the Canadian Armed Forces and funded through the Department of National Defence.

Many Army Cadet corps receive additional support from affiliated Regular or Reserve Army units. While cadets may wear the badges and accoutrements of their affiliated unit, cadets are civilians, they are not members of the Canadian Armed Forces and there is no requirement to join.

For over 50 years, the First Hussars Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment has been affiliated with and supported Army Cadet Corps located in both Lambton and Middlesex Counties.

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First Hussars Association

In the autumn of 1946, some World War II veterans of the 1st Hussars gathered at the London Armories to form a regimental association in which former and serving members of the unit could meet together. With the prime object of “Good and Welfare”, the Association has played an increasingly important role in maintaining the morale of both the Old Comrades and their Militia colleagues. It has also provided a continuing link between succeeding generations of the Regiment.

The Association is still going strong today supporting all aspects of the Regiment, with members meeting regularly in both London and Sarnia.


President – Joe Murray     email: [email protected]

Vice-President London and Kit-Shop – Ron Janus email  [email protected]

Vice President Sarnia – Peter Wood  email  [email protected]

Treasurer – Bill McTavish     email: [email protected]

Secretary & Bulletin Editor – Michelle Lundy     email: [email protected]

Web Master – Wayne McGregor      email: [email protected]

Members of the First Hussars Cavalry Troop training.

First Hussars Cavalry Troop

The First Hussars Cavalry Troop was established to help keep the cavalry traditions alive. In its first year of operation, we will be participating in a number of Ceremonies such as parades and events as well as functions for the 1st Hussars Regiment . We will demonstrate formation riding, provide public education on Canadian Cavalry heritage, history and demonstrations in the cavalry sport of tent pegging with the sword. The troop will ride in both the 1855 and Great War Cavalry uniforms.

In 2012 a couple of people who are crazy about military history wanted to see the 1st Hussars mounted on horses again.

The troop is comprised of  A Section, who do attend various events throughout the area, and a B Section, whose members are learning the basics and how to ride in a precision drill team.

The riders are all volunteers who supply their own horses. Our troop members come from across Ontario and travel to different locations for training sessions on weekends during the spring and summer. The tack and uniforms are owned by the Troop, but some members may invest in their own custom uniforms.

If you are interested in joining this troop, please contact us to find out when and where the training sessions take place. All riders must be members in good standing of the Ontario Equestrian Federation, and their membership must be registered with the Troop Administration.

First Hussars Calvary Fund

The 1st Hussars Cavalry Fund was incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act as a not for profit corporation under Letters Patent dated May 3rd 2001 File Number 389332-4.
The 1st Hussars Cavalry Fund replaces and supersedes the 1st Hussars Regiment Trust founded on 31 May 1995.

The 1st Hussars Cavalry Fund is a registered Charitable Organization under the Income Tax Act with Business Number 87478 4812 RR0001

The 1st Hussars Cavalry Fund Legacy Program:

The 1st Hussars Cavalry Fund has begun its newest endeavour for those who are interested in including the Cavalry Fund as part of their estate planning, the  1st Hussars Cavalry Fund Legacy Program. Please find more information on the program attached.  The document is fillable in Microsoft Word, or alternatively you can print it out and mail it in.

Please contact Bill McTavish at [email protected] should you have any questions.