The 2023-2024 Cadet Co-Op Program is now open!

Do you want to earn some high-school credits?

Please visit the Upper Canada District School Board by clicking here for more information.

June 28th to August 22nd, 2024
The deadline to register is June 25, 2024

Cadets can earn up to 4 credits through the training year version of cadet co-op. It takes 90 hours of cadet activities (Training, team practices, uniform prep, lesson prep, etc) to earn a credit, complete the pre-placement assignments, track their hours on a log sheet, and participate in your ACR. Why not earn some high school credits for what you are already doing?

  • Cadets are highly encouraged to speak with their school guidance counsellor to ensure participation in the cadet co-op program is a right fit for them and their pathway
  • There is no cost to cadets, parents, school boards, or the corps/squadron
  • Although the program has “UCDSB” logos on the forms, the program is open to all cadets in Ontario regardless of which school board they are a student with, as long as they are a resident of Ontario, and have a minimum of 1 high school credit already obtained, or will obtain a minimum of 1 credit by June 2024. UCDSB simply runs the program for the ministry.

Let It Go Towards:

  • SHSM Programs
  • As A French Credit
  • Potentially more spare periods in senior grades
  • Potentially increase average
  • Potentially graduate early
  • Extra credit attainment

To be eligible a cadet must:
– Attend High School in Ontario
– Reside in Ontario
– Be a current cadet

I want to sign up!

  1. Fill out the application, Section C is the following:
    1. Commanding Officer (CO) Contact: [email protected]
    2. Training Officer (TrgO) Contact: [email protected]
  2. Once the application is complete,
    1. Email it for section G to be completed. Please email it to the TrgO to have it forwarded to the CO.
    2. Once the form is returned, email it to: [email protected]
  3. Bring a blank application on a training night if you need assistance.

If you require any assistance in filling out this application or don’t have access to a scanner/printer feel free to contact any officer at our unit who will be able to assist you further.

If you have any questions regarding the co-op program please contact: [email protected]


  1. Your Student Ontario Education Number (OEN) can be found on your High School Transcripts or ask your guidance counsellor at your school.
  2. Use Adobe PDF to fill it in so you don’t have to write it out.

Click the below links for all forms required.