In order to improve the uniform issuing process, cadets shall submit their uniform sizing measurements online via the form below.

How to Take Measurements

To take measurements you’ll need a tape measure that can take measurements in inches and a ruler that can take measurements in millimeters. Take the measurements for each field in the form below, using the instructions in the attached PDF and the instructions below for your head circumference.

To measure your Head Circumference, wrap the tape measure around your head horizontally around your head and record the measurement in inches. The tape measure shall be positioned on your mid-forehead slightly above your eyebrows, and around the largest part of the back of your head.

Please pay careful attention to the unit of measurement. Head height, chest, and waist measurements must be taken in inches; foot measurements must be taken in millimeters.

If you have any questions, ask your troop commander!

Once submitted, the supply staff will contact you with further instructions on how to obtain your uniform!