Call for Parent Drivers for Tagging!

Members of the Sponsoring Committee and staff who have undergone double screening are authorized to provide transportation for cadets to and from tagging locations. Given the limited number of available drivers from the sponsoring committee and staff, we kindly request parents to register below if they are able to drive their cadet to and from their tagging shifts. Additionally, we request that parental drivers remain on-site with their cadet during the tagging activities.

Spring 2024 Tag Dates

Thurs 25 April 20241645 hrs (4:45 PM) – 2045 hrs (8:45 PM)
Fri 26 April 20241645 hrs (4:45 PM) – 2045 hrs (8:45 PM)
Sat 27 April 20240815 hrs (8:15 AM) – 1230 hrs (12:30 PM)
1215 hrs (12:15 PM) – 1630 hrs (4:30 PM)
Spring 2024 Tagging Dates