How Do I Join Cadets?

The Cadet training year follows that of the school calendar year, beginning in September and ending in June.

Most Cadet Corps and Squadrons will host recruiting nights in September. If you are shy and want to join with the greatest number of youth, September is the best month to join as there will be other youth equally as shy and new.

Saying that, you may join at anytime during the cadet training year (September to June), however, if you are interested in attending summer camp or want to progress to the next proficiency level/star/phase the following year – you will need to have joined NO LATER THAN March 1.

To Register please visit our administration office to submit and complete all the required documentation listed below.

Step 1:

Now that you are ready to join Army Cadets, you will need to go and visit us. Upon joining you will need to bring a few things with you which include:

1) a photocopy of the birth certificate or equivalent; and

2) a photocopy of the health insurance card (where available).

The Cadet Corps will also provide you with a few forms that will need to be completed and signed. These completed forms, along with the photocopies of your health insurance card and birth certificate start your Cadet Personnel Record. Your Cadet Personnel Record is stored safely and securely at the Cadet Corps. There is no need to send forms or documentation anywhere!

Access to Cadet Personnel Records are restricted to those individuals authorized in writing by the Commanding Officer (CO) of the cadet Corps pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Act and the Access to Information Act.

Cadets/parents/legal guardians shall have access to the cadet’s file by asking the CO or the Administration Officer of the Cadet Corps.

Cadet Personnel Records are kept until the date at which the cadet reaches the age of twenty-five. The files may only be destroyed at that time in accordance with the Defence Administrative Orders and Directives (DAOD) on the Management of Recorded Information and the Treasury Board Policy on the Management of Government Information.

When you leave or age-out of Cadets, make sure to ask for a copy of your Cadet Personnel Record. You never know if you will need it in the future.

Application For Membership

Step 2:

Now that you have completed all the necessary forms, have the proper documentation and have been accepted for membership – welcome to the Cadet Program! Experiences that you cannot get anywhere else are about to begin! Experience the journey!

Interested in transferring to #9? We parade on Monday nights at 1830h (6:30 pm) September-June.

Transferring From Another Unit

Before you begin your transfer to #9, you must out-clear with your current unit. This includes, but not limited to:

Return your issued uniform;

Return any other equipment you may have been issued;

Complete any paperwork as requested by your Commanding Officer or Administration Officer;

Be struck-off-strength (SOS) from your current unit’s Fortress account (this is done by one of the officers at your current unit); and

Request that your current personnel file be mailed to us.

To transfer to #9 please bring the following:

1) a completed CF 1158 – Application for Membership;

2) a completed Support Committee Questionnaire;

3) one of the following pieces of identification of the applicant (the original is required): a valid Canadian passport; or a birth certificate; or a valid resident card;

4) a valid identification card issued by a Canadian federal or provincial government agency

5) a copy of any court, tribunal decree, judgment, or legal limitations; and

6) a copy of the relevant pages from the court decree or judgment or separation agreement if someone has “Limited Access Rights” to your son/daughter please provide.

Section 34 of the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004, of Ontario, prevents us from accepting a provincial health card as proof of age. However, do not forget to include your health card number and expiry date on your Application for Membership! For proof of age, please bring your original birth certificate or passport.

If at any time you need assistance with completing these forms you can contact us by email or telephone, or come see us a Tuesday night and we’ll help you in person.