Cadet Officer ranks were used at 9 RCACC until June 1992, the Cadet Officer Commander position was completely replaced by the Cadet RSM at that time when they were phased out. We are attempting to assemble a complete list of former Cadet Officer Commanders for 9 RCACC. If you can add to this list or see an error, please contact us directly. Also, please look at our list of former Cadet RSMs as well if you can help, we will update regularly.

C/LCol Rocky Travis (1966-1967)

C/LCol Bill Hudson (1968-1969)

C/LCol Gary Rogers (1972-1973)

C/LCol Peter Stott (1973-1974)

C/LCol Mark Sellars (1974-1975)

C/Maj Mike Ellenor (1977-1978)

C/LCol Stan Uchanski (1978-1979)

C/Maj Alison Gormet (1979-1980)

C/LCol Anne Verhallen (1980-1981)

C/LCol James Manto (1981-1982)

C/LCol Kurt Hartill (1982-1983)

C/LCol Allison Toohey (1983-1984)

C/Maj Joanne Auclair (1984-1985)

C/Maj Paul Pacshink (1985-1986)

C/Maj Lisa E. Maguire (1986-1987)

C/Maj Lisa Quan (1987-1988)

C/Maj Nicole Vienneau (1988-Dec 1989)

C/Maj Aaron Hannon (1990)

C/Maj Heather Westwood (1990)

C/Maj Kelly Degas (1990-1991)

C/Maj Shauna Robertson (1991-1992)

June 1992 ends cadet officer ranks