CTC Staff Cadet Applications

CTC Staff Cadet serials are now open in Fortress. The deadline for application is 4 Mar 2024.


  1. Must be 16 years of age before the start of employment.
  2. Cadets must provide J1 RCSU Central Employment Staffing with THEIR OWN Social Insurance Number AND bank account information. If cadets do not have a bank account in their name it is required as this can create problems with tax returns and pay – Staff Cadets will receive a T4.
  3. Must complete the below employment application and return it to Captain Coulter – [email protected]

Without this information, the cadet will not be offered employment.  Please submit this information using the following link: https://forms.office.com/r/ar06FXdew6. (you must have a Cadet365 Account – Please contact 2LT Hemstreet if you do not have access to this at: [email protected]

(Please note that 2Lt Hemstreet will respond within 2-3 business days – if it’s urgent, please call us at 519-520-9533)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q – Can I put my personal email in the “Cadet365 email address?”
    • A – No, your application will be declined – this is a requirement for employment to have a Cadet365 account.
  2. Q – Can I put my parent’s phone number if I do not have my own?
    • A – Yes, but if able, it is highly recommended you have your own contact information as this will be important during your time of employment for communication.
  3. Q – Will we have a Summer Training Infomation Night?
    • A – Yes, we plan on having it on June 17.
  4. Q – How much money will I make?
    • A – Pay is dependent on the rank you are assigned, please visit CANCDTGEN 001/24
    • Also, note that it is extremely rare/never been seen that a staff cadet is appointed to the rank of Master Corporal.
      • For example, Sergeant: ($104)(46)=$4,784 – before taxes.
      • Warrant Officer: $5,152
      • Master Warrant Officer: $5,640
      • Chief Warrant Officer: $6,016
  5. Q – How many hours per day do I work?
    • A – Depends on your chain of command and operational need – typically 8-12 hour days.
  6. Q – When does the employment start and finish?
    • A – Depends on the location you apply to – Y/M/D
      • CTC BLACKDOWN: Start 2024-07-01 End 2024-08-15
      • CTC TRENTON: Start 2024-07-02 End 2024-08-22
      • Staff Cadet Virtual: Start 2024-07-02 End 2024-08-11

Please continue reading If you wish to be employed above the rank of MWO.

To provide professional development for senior cadets applying to fill senior appointments (at the rank of CPO2/MWO/WO2 or CPO1/CWO/WO1) at CTC, RCSU Central will be conducting a trial Senior Staff Cadet Selection Board (SSCSB). Additionally, our intent is to make selections for senior staff cadet positions prior to the start of the CTC, allowing them to be integrated into the command structure at the CTC. This professional development and assessment session will be hosted at Trenton CTC 12-16 Mar 24 for 30 cadets.

Pre-requisites for cadets to attend the SSCSB:
1) Submission of an application for staff cadet at one of the RCSU Central CTCs (Blackdown, HMCS Ontario, Trenton);
2) Must be Phase5/Master Cadet/Level 5 qualified;
3) Previous experience as a staff cadet at the rank of Sgt/PO2 or greater at a CTC or CAP; and
4) Cadets will be selected by the selection board to attend this training (there is no application process for this opportunity).

To support us, we ask you clearly write or type something in the “Significant Achievements or Other Required or Relevant Information.” This will be copied and pasted into your application when we submit it.

Selected cadets will be notified on 5 Mar 2024 (or shortly thereafter).