WRO: 04 March 2024

Good morning everyone!

This week, we’ll be having a CO’s parade and Summer Training Information Session for parents at Building 134, NOT Beaver Hall.

Summer Training Information Session Details

WhoFor Parents & Guardians with cadets in Red Star & above (CAP information for Green Star has not come out yet).
WhatSummer Training Information Session. Adult Staff & SSC will be providing information about summer training this year, and what to expect.
WhereBuilding 134, Wolseley Barracks.
When04 March 2024 at 1900 hrs (7:00 PM).
Summer Training Information Session Details

What is a CO’s Parade?

The purpose of the CO’s parade is to allow the CO to inspect each troop, and issue awards & promotions. The inspection consists of the CO & party reviewing the uniforms of all the cadets, and periodically asking some cadets some general questions about the corps.

To prepare for the CO’s parade, you can do the following:

  • Polish your boots (if you have parade boots. Otherwise, just clean and blacken)
  • Clean & Iron your pants so they have a single, sharp crease down the front and back of each leg;
  • Clean & Iron your tunic so there are no creases; and
  • Clean & Iron your dress shirt so there is a single sharp, crease down each arm

If you have any questions, ask your troop commander!

Capt Andrew Lampert

Capt Andrew Lampert has been with the cadet program since 2005. He graduated from the Glider Pilot Scholarship program in 2009, and the Power Pilot Scholarship program in 2011. Since graduating from the cadet program, he joined the Canadian Forces as a CIC officer to give back to the program. He has held the positions of Training Officer, Ground School instructor, and Drum Major.

E-Mail: [email protected]