WRO: 29 April 2024

29 April 2024

What is Appropriate Civilian Sports Attire?

  • T-Shirts covering the shoulders
  • Shorts at/below the knees
  • Running Shoes
  • No vulgar imagery/text, nor references
  • Weather Consideration
    • Cold outside? Bring a sweater + a jacket
    • Hot outside? Shorts and a T-Shirt

Capt Andrew Lampert

Capt Andrew Lampert has been with the cadet program since 2005. He graduated from the Glider Pilot Scholarship program in 2009, and the Power Pilot Scholarship program in 2011. Since graduating from the cadet program, he joined the Canadian Forces as a CIC officer to give back to the program. He has held the positions of Training Officer, Ground School instructor, and Drum Major.

E-Mail: [email protected]