News & Announcements: October 2, 2023

First Commanding Officers Parade (COs Parade)

Our first Commanding Offers parade of the year! Cadets are asked to arrive in C1A (Full dress.) Shine your boots and make sure your new badges are sewn on for those who were recently promoted.

Did you know we have a section of our website dedicated to Standards and References? Click here to check it out! This area contains dress standards, badge placements and more!

The Training Year Cadet Co-Op program is back!

Please find attached the registration form, as well as some FAQs. These FAQs will come in handy with potential questions from parents.

  • Cadets are highly encouraged to speak with their school guidance counsellor to ensure participation in the cadet co-op program is a right fit for them and their pathway
  • There is no cost to cadets, parents, school boards, or the corps/squadron
  • Although the program has “UCDSB” logos on the forms, the program is open to all cadets in Ontario regardless of which school board they are a student with, as long as they are a resident of Ontario, and have a minimum of 1 high school credit already obtained, or will obtain a minimum of 1 credit by June 2024.

If you have any questions, please direct them to [email protected]

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